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Organizational Structure

The Company has allocated the initial management structure to set up the exploration and mining operation. Further mining engineers, geologists and metallurgists will be added to the management team as the project is developed and the team expands. Most of the management will be allocated from South Africa and Australia


Chanan Deluya Managing Director

Head of sales, marketing and finance.
Founder of Libra Pty Ltd (Australia).

25 years experience in finance, management and marketing.

Extensive experience in marketing minerals and working in the mining industry, mainly in Asia (Indonesia) and Africa (Congo and Zambia).

He is in charge of fund raising to support Libra's project requirements.
He has also identified further gold, nickel, coal and tin projects in Asia, all of which are currently under negotiation.
Amram Serfaty – Project Director BEcon/BCom

BEcon/BCom (Economics and Finance) Murdoch University of Western Australia

Amram has 19 years of experience in the mining industry. This includes “hands on”, one year drilling and blasting in Timna underground copper mine, three years in Iron Baron South Australia, and 15 years experience in management, production, drilling, blasting, haulage, crushing, storage sampling and ship loading with BHP Iron Ore Koolan Island Western Australia including drillers training in Mont Newman for BHP Billiton.

Experience includes exploration and production with various types of equipment, hard and soft rock, Tropical and desert climates, single and multi pits and processes, open pit and underground mine.

He is fluent in French, Hebrew, Arabic and English.
Ali Ismail Mining Engineer Consultant
B.Sc., Shareholder. He is a mining engineer from Egypt with over 20 years of mining management roles in Zambia.

He is an expert on Zambia resources and has experience in mining management and mineral processing in Zambia including mine manager for Hetro Mining Ltd. in Kalengwa and Chifumba mines in the copper belt of Zambia, Mining Engineer for Sedgwick Company of Australia, Mining Engineer for Bruce Mining and Construction, Mining Engineer for Arinas Mine, Ndola, Shift Manager in Om El-Hewaitate Mine, Mining Engineer in Nassif Mine in the Red Sea Area and Inspector of Mines Safety for the Ministry of Mines of Zambia.
ANDREW FALCONER – Director of Metallurgy
1978 University of Otago, New Zealand - Master of Mineral Technology
1973 University of Birmingham, England - Bachelor of Science (honours) in Minerals Engineering

A metallurgist with over 30 years experience, primarily in titanium, tantalum and tin minerals including wet and dry gravity, magnetic and electrostatic separation processes.

Andrew was involved in production plants and development projects in Australia, Africa, India and South America. Strengths include plant commissioning, metallurgical accounting, data analysis, flow sheet evaluation, production optimization, pilot plants, operator training and environmental matters. He worked with many mining companies including: Xstrata Ltd, Gippsland Ltd, Bluestone Tin Ltd, Downer EDI Ltd, AITCOBOL, SGS Lakefield, Sons of Gwalia and Iluka Resources.
Gary Wagner Director - transport and logistics.
He is an expert in logistic and knows the Southern part of Africa very well.

Gary will set up all the logistic chain including road transport, warehousing, container loading, sea freight and all the documents.

Gary has spent many years in Zambia and has contacts in the right places. He is currently the manager of Gauteng Province of South Africa at RB Freight Management.
Dr Aharon F.M. Aharon – Senior Geology Consultant - B.Sc., M.App.Sc., Ph.D
B.Sc (Geology), Auckland University, New Zealand.

M.App.Sc. (Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology), University of NSW, Australia.

Ph.D. (Chemistry), University of NSW, Australia.

Member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Member of the Geological Society of Australia.
A professional geologist and hydrogeologist for 25 years.

Consultant to many mining projects in QLD, NT, SA and NSW – nickel (Western Mining, Kambalda), gold (WMC, Salt Lake), lead-zinc-copper (Goulburn, NSW) , uranium (Mary Kathleen), coal (BHP and MIM in Qld) - mostly hydrogeology (Australian Groundwater), locating groundwater in all types of geological environments.
Several years, regional manager of an exploration company in Queensland focusing on exploration, drilling, regional and structural analysis, resource evaluation and project management.

Many years in academia following a research path in chemical oceanography and hydro-metallurgy, and tutoring in geology and chemistry. Recently, published several papers describing and analysing the groundwater resources of an area of Central NSW.

Andre Alis - Mining Engineer

Andre has gained more than 20 years of professional experience in a world class mining aspects of consulting, research, engineering, production and project development, writing and lecturing in mining engineering.


A member of the Audit Committee of Pt. Timah TBK, a public listed company which is one of the world largest tin producers.


He has worked with many companies in Australia and Asia including: Pt. International Nickel (INCO) Indonesia, Nippon Oil Corporation (Japan) ans SK Corporation (South Korea), Barlow Jonker Pty Ltd (Australia) part of Wood MacKenzie (England), Pt. Media Djaya Bersama, Pt. Tunas Inti Abadi, Pt. Asmin Koalindo Tuhup, Pt. Timah Investasi Mineral, BITA Engineering, Jamieson Consulting (Australia), Samjoo Group (South Korea), Yudistira Group, Micromine Pty Ltd (Australia), Pt. Vietmindo Energitama (Vietnam Site), Pt. Kaltim Prima Coal (a joint venture of Australian CRA Ltd and British BP Coal).

Hon. Anson Simama Director and secretary of the project companies
A Member of the Parliament of Zambia, . He assists us with any problems we may face with any local authority and considered by us as an insurance policy for Zambia.




Libra Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 011 076 038  (18 Curlew Place, Riverhills Queensland 4074 Australia) 
email : info@libraminerals.com